Restore State Funding for Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow promotes the early identification of children at risk for developmental delays and behavioral problems and the connection of these vulnerable children to community-based programs and services that promote school readiness. Created here in Connecticut in 2002, Help Me Grow has become a national model for early childhood systems promoting children’s healthy development. The program operates under the United Way of Connecticut 2-1-1 umbrella through our specialized Child Development Infoline service. Child Development Infoline is the centralized entry point for Help Me Grow as well as the state’s Birth to Three system, the Pre-School Special Education Program (SDE), and the Children with Special Health Care Needs (DPH).

Restore Funding for Help Me GrowHelp Me Grow represents a modest investment which enables the large and complex service delivery system for children with developmental needs to function more efficiently. It assists parents directly by educating and empowering them with the tools to identify their children’s needs as they arise and to access appropriate help as soon as possible. Help Me Grow saves time and frustration for parents and providers alike by connecting children to the most appropriate services quickly.

To show your support for the restoration of state funding for Help Me Grow in Connecticut, please add your name and comments to the letter below, for the legislators who represent you in the Connecticut General Assembly.

We will deliver a copy of the letter (with your name and additional comments) to your State Representative and your State Senator.

LETTER: Restore Funding for Help Me Grow

  • 12/13/2018

    The Honorable [Senator/Representative]
    Legislative Office Building
    Hartford, CT 06106

    RE: Restore State Funding for Help Me Grow

    Dear [Senator/Representative]:

    The Governor's recommended budget for SFY18-19 eliminates state funding for Help Me Grow, a system that connects at risk children with the services they need to be successful. I am writing today to ask you and the state legislature to restore state funding for Help Me Grow in the final state budget.

    The Help Me Grow program provides access for Connecticut families to a coordinated, statewide system of early detection for children at-risk for adverse developmental and behavioral outcomes, as well as care coordination for these children and families. Through 2-1-1 Child Development Infoline, Help Me Grow serves as a safety net for children who are not eligible for other services, such as Birth to Three and Early Childhood Special Education.

    Help Me Grow is cost effective. With a focus on developmental screening and early intervention, a modest investment connects children with developmental needs to services more effectively and ultimately saves money by minimizing the need for later, far more expensive interventions.

  • Help Me Grow empowers parents with tools like the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, which provides parents with reassurance and alleviation of developmental concerns, heightened awareness of developmental tracking, and strengthens parenting through increased communication and parent education.

    The Help Me Grow initiative started in Connecticut and has become a national leader in early childhood systems building and promoting children's healthy development. Since 2002, 85% of children referred to Help Me Grow have been successfully connected to appropriate programs and services. The Connecticut Help Me Grow program is a model that is currently being replicated in 27 other states.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this issue. With your help restoring state funding for Help Me Grow, Connecticut parents and children will get the assistance and resources they need.

  • Use the space above to add a personal message to your State Representative and State Senator describing why Help Me Grow is important to you.
  • Note: Your home street address is required in order to direct the letter to your State Representative and State Senator.
  • You will receive a copy of this letter at your e-mail address.
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